About St. Benedict Anglican Church, Tucson, Arizona

   The inspiration to form St. Benedict Anglican Church in Tucson was brought about
by the prayer and discernment of Fr. Juan Sanchez Sanchez. Fr. Juan had become
aware of the need for an Anglican Church on the east side of Tucson that would
meet the needs of parishioners looking for a church home that featured a
traditional Anglican Mass utilizing the “1928 Book of Common Prayer”, as well as
services that celebrate Holy Communion on a weekly basis, as well as on other
occasions when services are held. Fr. Juan also recognized the need for a Spanish
translation of the liturgy and sermons on occasions when the congregation
includes communicants who benefit from these translations.

   Our church name, “St. Benedict Anglican Church, is associated with Fr. Juan’s
tenure with the Benedictine Religious Order of Monks in Siena Italy. 


St. Benedict Anglican-Catholic Mission is in need of your prayers and if possible, is in need a financial support for the searching of a New Building to rent in the middle of Tucson, Area.

 At St. Benedict's of Tucson, all are welcome at God’s table.

Saint Benedict Anglican-Catholic Mission Church 

919 S. Castar Drive, Tucson, AZ 85745

928-351-1204  |  520-999-0180